Good afternoon,

Could we place this job on pause for 30 days?  They’ve received quite a bit of résumés and are overwhelmed at the moment.   -  AFT

I was hoping you could take down our job posting early. We’ve had so many applicants and we’ve already narrowed down to a handful of stunning candidates but keep getting mailed. Wonderful problem to have!   - SEIU 925

We have received numerous qualified applications for the Field Representative positions, so would you please take that job ad off the website. Thank you!   - MTA

I used Unionjobs.com and I loved the experience. When I was not working I went to this site daily and saw the listings. I applied and never stopped applying. I have met many people because of this site and now, I am employed in a job that I love!

Thanks for your help Unionjobs.com!

– Britton

Posting the ad on your site was very successful, we had a lot of great applications and have already been able to hire someone. Therefore it would be great - if at all possible - if you could take our ad down now, rather than have it up until the end of the month.

IWW (Industrial Workers of the World)

Union Jobs has been a huge blessing for me and my family! Over the past seven years I have been fully employed, not to mention I have had multiple opportunities come my way, and I can't thank you and your site enough.

Jay Jay

I am requesting that you remove our 3 postings for positions. We have received well over 100 resumes in just 12 days and have more than enough qualified resumes to sort through at this time. Your site is tops in helping unions find qualified applicants. Thank you,

ACE-AFSCME Local 2250


Due to the overwhelming response, we can no longer accept any more applications ... UPSEU was very impressed with the results of utilizing your online services and will certainly keep you in mind when the need arises in the future.

Kevin E. Boyle, Jr.,
President UPSEU

Your ad generated the best response by far than any other advertising that we did. I will and have recommended Union Jobs to others.

Leslie Gemme AAUP,
UConn Chapter

We had a great response to the posting and no longer need our ad posted at this time. I know our ad expires in a few days but we've filled the position, so feel free to pull it earlier.

This is the perfect place to post our positions. Thanks again!

Eryn Brocx
WPEA/UFCW Local 365

The response we got was amazing. Most of our applicants came through posting with you. We will have some more positions coming up, and will definitely post with you again.

Sue Lines
Liquor, Hospitality, and Miscellaneous Workers' Union, Australia

Please suspend the postings for the 3 regional coordinator positions. We received a ton of applications. Thanks.

Shelia Marion, AFL-CIO

After we received hundreds of resumes thanks to your site, we filled the position. Please remove our announcement and once again thank you for your assistance.

JNESO, District Council 1

Union Jobs Clearinghouse is a very cost effective way to advertise in comparison to other media forms. We have placed several journeymen and apprentices on jobsites as a result.

Business Manager Tim Maitland
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council #78

Please pull the ad from the website. We've received more than 40 applicants and believe one of those will fit our needs. Thanks!

Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace, SPEEA, IFPTE Local 2001

We reached some excellent candidates with great credentials through the ad. I will recommend your site to others.

In Unity,

Anne McCaughey, President, Stockton Teachers Association 

Thank you very much for letting us, the National Union of Workers (NUW) of Australia, post our position advertisement on your website.

We have received many quality applications, and are in the process of interviewing. As such, can you please take our position advertisement down/off the site. We intend using your website again in the future, and are grateful for its existence.

Thank you again,

National Union of Workers (Australia)

Hello, Please remove the position for Peralta Federation of Teachers, AFT/CFT, Local 1603, Oakland, CA. The slot has been filled. This site, by the way, is terrific. We received 20+ applications and all of our finalists came via this site.

I know of no better way to get qualified applicants for union positions.

Thanks, Michael Mills, Former President Peralta Federation of Teachers

I advertised for a researcher on Union Job Clearinghouse and received over two dozen applications. The pool was qualified for the job and knowledgable about the union movement. The result was a great hire for our organization.

Thanks for establishing such a valuable service.

Allen Smith, Senior Researcher
National Building and Construction Trades Department

...By the way, we received over 100 responses to our ad for an Assistant to the President. Obviously, advertising on Union Jobs works!

Professional Staff Congress - AFT Local 2334, AFL-CIO

"The Union Jobs Website has been an effective means of getting our national union in touch with qualified organizers capable of raising hell with the boss. We've hired several new staff people who came to us after seeing our job postings on the site."

UE, United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America

"Only as we get novel services that help knit us in Labor together, that overcome the handicap of time and distance, and that allow for increasing specificity will we have begun to realize the rich potential of the Internet. Organized Labor has always needed a first-rate, focused, and dynamic job market service, one run by an insider and for the larger Good of the Movement. In the case of the Union Jobs Clearinghouse the need is finally met, and then some! Thanks to Gary's dedication, selflessness, and creativity, Organized Labor has an ally of strategic importance, one that has made, is making, and will continue to make positive labor history."

Fraternally, Art Shostak,
Labor Educator,
Author: CyberUnion: Empowering Labor through Computer Technology