SEIU UHW West, United Healthcare Workers West

United Healthcare Workers West

Union Representative / Organizer
Kern County Area

Based in Bakersfield, CA


Position: Union Representative/Organizer
Classification: Full-time, Exempt

Position Summary:
The decisions made by a Union Representative/Organizer can have profound effects on worker’s lives. As such, a Union Representative/Organizer is responsible for articulating the Union’s message to workers and for carrying out internal and external organizing programs of SEIU United Healthcare Workers - West, as defined by the Officers and Executive Board of the Union and division directors. The Union Representative/Organizer will also motivate and mobilize potential or existing members to protect their rights and improve the quality of their work lives and fight the boss. The Union Representative/Organizer will provide effective leadership to carry out the goals of the Union in training and leadership development, new organizing, internal organizing, and political action. The Union Representative will also negotiate collective bargaining agreements, file and resolve grievances, meet and implement Union policies with employer representatives and with members of the community and with community groups.

Job Functions:

  • Work with the Executive Board members, shop stewards and committee representatives to design and implement campaigns to build organizational power and be responsible for the effective functioning of the Union including leadership identification, recruitment, development, and training of members, stewards, and new staff.
  • Design and implement organizing campaigns to win Union recognition for unorganized workplaces, building organizing committees, identifying issues, leadership identification and development, and preparing workers for NLRB, MMBA and other elections, and/or strategic and recognition campaigns.
  • Exercise leadership, training and motivation to build and maintain a steward system designed to empower and mobilize workers through contract negotiation, contract enforcement, and other issues and disputes affecting workers. Assign tasks to stewards, be responsible for directing stewards with respect to developing and implementing Union policies on all workplace issues.
  • Educate workers and others on how power relationships work and how workers can/should use that knowledge.
  • Communicate with workers including listening, framing issues and motivating them to participate actively.
  • Visit work sites on a regular basis covering all shifts. Listen to workers concerns, determine when to file grievances, determine on what basis to settle grievances or prepare grievances for arbitration.
  • Organize rallies and demonstrations; provide strike support including organizing workers and members involvement, support actions, pressure campaigns on employers and building community support
  • Develop written materials including newsletters, training materials, other literature, and press releases, etc.
  • Participate in lobbying at State, Federal and local levels and educate and mobilize members around the Union’s political program
  • Lead workers in community issues and build relationships with relevant people/groups/organizations outside the Union
  • Recruit rank and file members to sit on Political Action Committees and participate in organizing legislative and electoral campaigns
  • Represent the Union as assigned in community and labor coalition activities
  • Lead other organizer(s) and be responsible for a program of the Union when assigned
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings
  • Complete all required administrative tasks (i.e., Activity forms, expense forms, etc.) in a timely manner
  • Maintain accurate record keeping on facility records
  • 15-Other duties as assigned
  • Required to work long and varying hours including weekends, nights and holidays. Regular worksite visits, home visits and canvassing. Requires constant use of independent judgment, self motivation, and capability of doing all the above duties with minimal supervision.
  • Driving long distances for extended periods of time is also required. Travel both statewide and out of state with overnights and periods away from home may be required.


  • Experience as a Union Representative/Organizer or proven ability to carry on the responsibilities of the job
  • Knowledge of or ability to learn relevant special body of knowledge including labor law like NLRA, MMBA, FLSA, Cal OSHA, FMLA, Title 22, ADA, Workers Compensation, etc.
  • Knowledge of workers, the workplace, labor, and political issues
  • Excellent interpersonal skills as demonstrated by the ability to relate, establish and cultivate respectful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Adept at leading and motivating workers in necessary struggles
  • Dedication to workers’ rights and social justice
  • Skilled at managing and meeting many and varying deadlines
  • Effective informal and formal negotiating skills
  • Effective demonstrable oral, written and listening skills in English; bilingual skills highly desirable
  • Excellent analytical and judgment skills as demonstrable by the ability to assess information and evidence and act strategically
  • Excellent organizational and prioritizing skills showing flexibility as needed; adept at dealing with conflicting/changing priorities
  • Effective facilitating and organizing meeting skills
  • Ability to work and organize independently and as part of a team
  • Working knowledge of or ability to learn computer programs including Word, e-mail, accessing the internet, and databases

The Union Representative/Organizer is required to have a valid driver’s license, automobile insurance and a working automobile. Vehicles purchased after becoming a Union Representative/Organizer must be union made as approved by the United Auto Workers Union as a condition to receive the auto allowance.

Physical Demands:
The capacity to lift up to 25 pounds is required.

The Union Representative/Organizer works closely with and interact with Union members, unorganized workers, employers, government officials, the Executive Board members, officers, other staff, staff from other labor organizations and grassroots organizations.

Salary starts at $67,000 to commensurate with experience, and a generous benefit package.

SEIU-UHW is an affirmative action employer and encourages applications from all qualified candidates regardless of gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, or disability.

To Apply:
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