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Amazon Labor Union

ALU Data Coordinator

Based in the New York City, NY Area


Overall Description
The ALU is focused on organizing the unorganized, building power, and winning. Effective, efficient data management is crucial to organizing, and to managing worker participation, leadership assessments, and charting member connections and relationships at work and in the community. Initially, the Data Coordinator’s role is to shift the current data system to a new program, one that is comprehensive and will adapt as the union grows and takes on new challenges. This position will manage the ALU’s membership database for more than 8,000 members. This position requires a high level of detailed work, and the person must be very organized, with proven workplan systems for annual, monthly, weekly, and daily data management.

Accountability and Authority
This position reports to the President or their specific, named designee and works directly with organizing team leads.


  • Responsible for daily data processing and maintenance of large database.
  • Troubleshoot and generate large quantities of database reports in a timely manner.
  • Manage data transfers from multiple sources in a variety of formats, including mobile-ready interfaces.
  • Facilitate major communications via email, snail mail and texting to the membership.
  • Keep workers and member database clean and up to date.
  • Generate regular reports on membership and participation rates for every workplace, and each department and shift within a given workplace.
  • Respond to organizer requests for lists and reports.
  • Help develop and improve the functionality of the ALU’s database.
  • Establish database security by specifying which users can access database and what data can be accessed by users.
  • In the future, this position will also track dues, political and strike fund collection.

Salary range: $37,000 to $75,000

A Job Well Done in Data Coordination Looks Like
Worker database is accurate, clean and up to date. Leaders and staff receive lists, participation, and membership reports in a regular and timely manner. Simplified tracking of structure tests are regularly updated. In the future, the ALU’s database smoothly integrates membership, political dues, GOTV efforts, strike fund collection, and member’s community connections.

(First résumé review on August 15)

Apply Here: data@amazonlaborunion.org

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