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Executive Manager of Governance

Based in St. Paul, MN


POSITION TITLE: Executive Manager of Governance
ACCOUNTABLE TO: MNA Executive Director

Works to promote and achieve the goals and priorities of the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) by providing professional and technical guidance, strategic recommendations and board leadership in the development and maintenance of a cohesive and effective governance structure for MNA. The Executive Manager of Governance will act as an advisor to the House of Delegates, Board of Directors, Commissions and Committees in areas of policy development and maintenance, Bylaw and resolution development, policy, and Bylaw compliance as well as manage the member complaint process. They will also work with a team to develop, implement, and evaluate the governance structures of the Association reporting directly to the Executive Director. Duties may include, but are not limited to:


  • Member Complaint Resolution
    • Oversee member complaints and resolution process.
    • Coordinate appropriate communication between MNA, charging parties and members facing disciplinary action.
    • Ensure disciplinary hearings for MNA members are full and fair, while complying with necessary bylaws and policies.
    • Review and provide recommendations for updates to member complaint processes.
  • Strategic Planning
    • Assist the Executive Director and President of the Board in shaping a strategic agenda for all board meetings, aligned around the organization’s top priorities and initiatives.
    • Assist the Executive Director and President of the Board in monitoring progress towards MNA’s strategic plan and the organization’s top priorities and initiatives.
    • Work with other areas of the organization to ensure that the organization’s strategic agenda and initiatives are prioritized within the work of MNA.
  • Governance Documents
    • Policy, Procedure and Process Development and Review
      • Research best practices on policy, procedures, and processes to improve union governance and provide recommendations on adoption to the Board.
      • Work with the Board of Directors to review current and develop new board policies to help the Union govern in an effective way.
      • Assist the MNA Board of Directors in reviewing current board policies to help the union govern more effectively.
      • Train Board of Directors, Commission and committee members on applicable policies and procedures.
      • Work with individual bargaining units to update their Bargaining Unit Guideline’s and ensure they are approved.
    • MNA Bylaws, Resolution and Main Motion Coordination and Review
      • Work with the Committee on Bylaws, Resolutions, and Main Motions to thoroughly review and update Bylaws on a rotating two-year basis.
      • Coordinate receipt of proposed amendments to the Bylaws from members and structural units and provide technical advice based on the proposer’s goals.
      • Work with legal counsel to review proposals and ensure compliance with applicable laws and policies.
      • Share proposed amendments to the Bylaws, Resolutions and Main Motions from members and structural units with the Committee on Bylaws, Resolutions and Main Motions for review on completeness, legality, clarity, appropriateness, and other requirements as indicated in the Board of Directors “Procedures for Submission of Resolutions/Motions” policy.
      • Facilitate sharing of approved Bylaws, Resolutions and Main Motions to the Board of Directors for review prior to creating a report for the House of Delegates.
      • Once proposals are finalized, work with the Executive Assistant to create the Bylaw, Resolutions and Main Motions Committee’s report.
  • Compliance and Best Practices
    • Communicate with external advisors, such as retained attorneys or other contracted professionals, on duties related to governance
    • Facilitate training for Board of Directors on their duties, labor law, the organization’s constitution, and other regulatory and statutory requirements
    • Understand and keep up with applicable state non-profit and union laws and information regarding governance best practices, Board status, bylaws, and Board history to advise on decision-making.
    • Develop, implement, and maintain governance and compliance policies, processes, and procedures.
  • Commission and Committee Coordination
    • Coordinate the work of Commissions and Committees around the goals and strategic plan of the Board of Directors.
    • As needed, create, and implement work processes between the Board, Chairs and other entities that enhance the goals of the organization and increase efficiency.
    • Act as backup staff for Commissions and Committees as needed.
    • Generates ideas and information related to committees in terms of the organization’s needs, diversity commitment, and opportunities for elevating the status and effectiveness of the Board, Commissions, and Committees.
    • Ensures MNA’s Commissions and Committees are appropriately populated and accomplishing their charges.
  • Board Orientation and Development
    • Facilitate professional development programs for the Board.
    • Assist with the induction and onboarding of Board directors, Commission, and Committee chairs.
    • Assist with Board (or governing body) evaluations.
    • Manage the Director handbook/manual.
    • Advise the Board of Directors or House of Delegates on governance principles and the implementation of governance programs and frameworks.
  • MNA House of Delegates
    • Assist in planning and execution of the Annual Meeting of the Membership.

Education: Associate degree preferred. Candidates with relevant work experience will be considered.


  • Experience working in coordination with the governing body of a labor union, or non-profit organization is required.
  • General knowledge of labor union organizational structures is required.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of labor law is highly preferred.

Salary: Negotiable based on experience and education.

CONTACT: Send your résumé and cover letter to Wesley DeBerry, MNA Human Resources Manager, at: wesley.deberry@mnnurses.org.

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.