AFT Washington

AFT Washington

Union Organizing Representative

Based out of Renton, WA


POSITION: Union Organizing Representative (UOR). AFT Washington is excited to offer the opportunity to engage with education employees from early learning through higher education in Washington State. This position is responsible for supporting our locals and members in contract negotiation and enforcement, developing activists and leaders within locals, mobilizing our membership to move our campaigns forward and representing AFT Washington in our communities.

Date Posted: September 7, 2022

Résumés accepted until: October 3, 2022

Salary: $65,239 to $90,306 – DOE and in accordance with a collective bargaining agreement

Our Vision: AFT Washington seeks a just society free of systemic oppression with access for all to unions, education, health care, and social programs that provide equal opportunity. To that end, we encourage and provide resources for potential members to become members, members to become activists, and activists to become leaders; growing our union’s scope and depth, so that our members see the power of the union, are drawn to it, and realize that the power comes from them, their commitment, and involvement.

Our Values:
AFT Washington values transformational unionism that includes:

  • Strength through solidarity
  • Unity among a diverse membership
  • Action toward our goals
  • Democracy in our locals
  • Excellent working conditions and fairness for members
  • Quality programs for students

The Opportunity: This position offers the opportunity to work independently and in small teams to fulfill our vision by living our values in the work we do with our members, elected leaders, and labor and community allies. As part of a mission driven organization, you would have the opportunity to express our values on a day-to-day basis and contribute to the well-being of our members, students, working people, and communities.

The Position: This job announcement is framed around the responsibilities required of the position at milestone points in the first year of employment. Included is the knowledge base needed upon hire as well as knowledge to be gained at certain points in time.

Skills Expected Upon Start

  • Proficient with identification of workplace issues and member engagement strategies to address them.
  • Comprehends collective bargaining agreement language and able to write relevant contract language.
  • Proficient at bargaining table strategies and skills.
  • Proficient with filing and resolving grievances.
  • Proficient with building contract action teams and guiding actions and campaigns.
  • Able to recognize systemic oppression in the workplace and apply an anti-racism lens in the performance of job duties.
  • Recognizes and addresses their implicit biases and other expressions of biases.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently.
  • Work effectively in small teams, including assessment of appropriate role needed in each situation.
  • Committed to the value of public education and the principles of the labor movement.
  • Willing and able to work some evenings and weekends.
  • Ability to travel locally and statewide. Must have access to a car and be licensed and able to drive. This position is currently considered remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Professional oral and written communication skills.
  • Proficient with common software tools, especially Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Google Suite.

Position-Relevant Knowledge Expected Upon Start

  • Familiarity with public sector union contracts.
  • State and federal labor laws.
  • Working analysis of systemic oppression and strategies for promoting equality and dismantling systemic oppression.
  • A professional understanding of labor movement principles and goals.
  • Roles of relevant government and labor agencies, e.g. PERC, NLRB, state and county labor councils, etc.

Responsibilities to be Added During Month One

  • Meet with Organizing Team to develop an understanding of constituency issues.
  • Meet with AFT Washington staff individually.
  • Meet with leadership of assigned locals.
  • Attend council, committee, and executive board meetings as directed by the President.
  • Co-lead committee/council meeting with support of staff or president.

Knowledge to Gain by the End of Month One

  • Relationship of AFT Washington’s Organizing Team, Advocacy Team and Administrative Support Team (AST).
  • Constituencies of AFT Washington, the general concerns of each and shared interests of all.
  • AFT’s models for organizing and contract bargaining.
  • AFT’s autonomous local model.
  • AFT’s Connect data system.

Responsibilities to be Added by the End of Month Three

  • Engage with local leaders at assigned locals a minimum of bi-weekly and convey messaging as requested by organizing team, advocacy team, administrative support team and president.
  • Identify specific needs of and 1-3 goals for each assigned local.
  • Participate in a minimum of one member event at each assigned local.
  • Contribute to a minimum of two AFT Washington trainings.
  • Prepare for and fully staff assigned committee/council meeting.
  • Attend meetings of community and labor organizations to which assigned to represent AFT Washington.

Knowledge to Gain by the End of Month Three

  • Knowledge of communications vehicles used by AFT Washington and AFT.
  • Knowledge to effectively utilize Hustle and Action Network.
  • Proficient with use of Connect

Responsibilities to be Added by the End of Month Six

  • Facilitate the identification, development, and mobilization of member leaders and activists through local-centered or AFT Washington events.
  • Build relationships between local and stakeholder communities through increasing collaboration with student, family, labor, and community organizations.
  • Lead an AFT Washington training
  • Fulfill other duties as assigned.

Knowledge to Gain by the End of Month Six

  • Deepened knowledge of equity analysis as related to fulfillment of duties.
  • Identify areas for professional development and begin a plan to pursue said professional development.

Responsibilities to be Added by the End of Year One

  • Identify and maximize opportunities and gains through community partnerships and coalitions.
  • Complete at least one professional development goal.
  • Hone skills used to support locals and move AFT Washington program.

Knowledge to Gain by the End of Year One

  • Depth of knowledge of collective bargaining laws and strategies.
  • Depth of knowledge of contract enforcement strategies.
  • Identify areas for continuing professional development.


  • High-quality medical, dental, vision, AD&D insurance.
  • Employer-paid pension plan.
  • Four weeks paid vacation during the first year of employment.
  • 12 paid holidays plus two floating holidays.

The first nine months of employment shall be probationary.
This position is represented by Teamsters Local 117.

To Apply:
Applicant’s résumé and three (3) references are required. A cover letter is not required but will be reviewed if provided. Please submit application materials to:

Karen Strickland, President
AFT Washington, AFL-CIO
Attn: Union Organizing Representative
604 Oakesdale Ave. SW, Suite 103
Renton, WA 98057
FAX: 206-242-3131
Email: aftwashington@aftwa.org

For questions, please contact Karen Strickland by email at: aftwashington@aftwa.org

AFT Washington is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all qualified applicants to apply. The organization strives to eradicate all forms of oppression and achieve equity for all. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are essential organizational goals which are incorporated into the hiring process. All applicants will be assessed with consideration of their understanding of institutionalized oppression and strategies for addressing it.

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.