Illinois Education Association

Illinois Education Association

Instructional Resource & Professional Development Director

Based in Northern/Suburban Area, IL


SALARY RANGE: $70,137.00 To 83,578.00 Annually

EFFECTIVE DATE: To Be Determined

HOW TO APPLY: Internal Candidates should submit résumé and application materials by using the following link: External Apply Here.

INTERVIEWS: Candidates who appear to meet the qualifications will be interviewed at a location selected by the IEA-NEA.

STAFF AUTHORITY AND RELATIONSHIPS: Directly responsible to the Director of Teaching and Learning, Director of Field Services, and Executive Director. Supervises and directs assigned associate staff.

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Maintains a comprehensive program which assists the IEA-NEA, its locals, leaders and staff in improving the teaching, working and learning conditions in Illinois public schools.


  1. Designs, develops and facilitates IEA-NEA professional development programs online and in-person to leaders, members and staff on educational topics important to the profession including but not limited to: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Toxic Stress, Resiliency, Racial Equity, LGBTQ+ inclusion for students and Social Emotional Learning Strategies.
  2. Provides support and technical assistance to leaders, members and staff engaged in the development of professional learning opportunities .
  3. Assists and partners with field staff to identify topics and opportunities for professional development of leaders and members; assists and partners with field staff to conduct such trainings.
  4. Develops in collaboration with others a training of trainers program that develops a cadre of skilled trainers to provide professional development for members, leaders and staff.
  5. Works with the IEA Teaching and Learning Department to promote partnerships with districts, local associations, IEA staff, and higher education institutions to improve professional development for our members.
  6. Partners with appropriate Government Relations, Research, Legal and Field staff to address the education and policy implementation needs related to members.
  7. Monitors the NEA’s professional development initiatives and communicates these activities to members, leaders and staff.
  8. Assesses and initiates partnerhips with outside organizations that will assist IEA in developing and delivering professional development to its members.
  9. Demonstrates exceptional facilitation and presentation skills.
  10. Works cooperatively with the staff of other IEA departments to advance the policies and professional initiatives of the IEA-NEA.
  11. Demonstrates knowledge of adult learning theories and principles.
  12. Demonstrates knowledge of online learner-centered course development including the use of Learning Management Systems.
  13. Supervises associate staff, i.e., initial employment recommendation, evaluation and remediation.
  14. Makes recommendations to the Department Director for the development of the department budget and takes necessary corrective action required to operate within the approved IEA-NEA budget.
  15. Demonstrates a high degree of interpersonal skills. Interacts appropriately with staff, members and the general public.
  16. Performs other appropriate duties as directed by assigned management staff.


  1. College degree or equivalent; teacher experience desirable.
  2. High degree of organizing skills and capability to deal effectively on interpersonal basis with members, potential members, leadership and IEA-NEA management and Board of Directors are essential.
  3. Must have working knowledge of school systems, best practice instructional strategies, and research based professional development.
  4. Ability to plan, organize, develop and deliver effective professional development for school employees, including building capacity in members to train effectively.
  5. Must have capability to represent members’ needs about effective professional development.
  6. Willingness to spend considerable time traveling throughout the Northern/Suburban areas to assist members at the local and region level.
  7. Ability to write and deliver high quality professional presentations to groups of all sizes on a variety of topics.
  8. Working knowledge of personal computers and online training and technology required.
  9. Valid driver’s license required.

SALARY AND BENEFITS: In conformance with the IEA-NEA/IEASO Professional Staff Agreement.


WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.