Oregon Nurses Association
Oregon Nurses Association


Member Services Program Assistant

Based in Portland, OR


Job Title: Member Services Program Assistant    
Department: Member Services
Supervisor: Director of Finance and Member Services     
Average Hours Per Week: 40  
Exempt Status: Non-Exempt
Salary Range: $20.72 - $29.53 hourly

Job Summary
Responsible for maintaining member data in the ONA membership data management system; providing current data analysis, interpretation and reports to ONA staff as needed to support each department’s member outreach. Responsible for responding to member questions and inbound member communications either by phone, email or in-person. Responsible for outbound member engagement to drive ONA messaging, initiatives and event participation. Responsible for disseminating information regarding member benefits provided by ONA and its partners.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Membership Database Maintenance
    • Maintain and manage the data in the CRM (customer relationship management) system.
    • Update personnel information provided by facilities including new hires, terminations, scheduled work hours and department assignment changes.
    • Prepare, process and distribute communication to nurses and other professional service members including
      • Enrollment information and follow-up membership enforcement communications as appropriate to nurses, labor reps and facilities
      • Member applications
      • Welcome letters and membership benefit information to new applicants
      • Dues rate changes and dues discount changes
    • Receive and process updated employee information from facilities regarding member status, as required by the facility contracts and as needed to maintain accurate and timely employee data. Reach out to facilities to request missing reports and clarify reported information as needed.
    • Assign appropriate dues rate for new members, considering whether member qualifies for new graduate or other discounts.
    • Initiate and coordinate member dues collection process including payroll deductions by facility, and coordination of credit card and EFT payments for direct payers.
    • Process membership applications and ongoing renewal and outreach communication for professional members not employed by covered facilities including professional staff, students and retirees.
    • Process Nurse Practitioners of Oregon (NPO) membership application forms and provide member information to the ONA Professional Services department and the NPO leaders as requested.
  • Membership Data Reporting
    • Monitor and evaluate membership data for accuracy and timeliness
    • Design, prepare and distribute reports to support ONA department functions, including
      • Enrolment status of newly hired employees by facility
      • Membership reports detailing member, agency and potential members
    • Provide ongoing CRM training to ONA staff regarding how to access member data. Encourage and support active use of the database
    • Perform data queries to satisfy targeted data needs for ONA departments when requested
    • Provide member data to partner organizations as needed
  • Member Communication and Engagement
    • Thoroughly understand ONA policies, member benefits and member responsibilities in order to provide accurate information to members. Investigate and confirm understanding as new issues and questions arise in order to reduce need to refer members to other ONA. departments.
    • Respond to member questions by phone, email or in-person.in a timely and accurate manner.
    • Working with Communications and other appropriate stakeholders, develop and distribute targeted communication to members and non-members served by ONA.
    • Communicate the ONA Religious Objection policy to members as appropriate and explain alternative charitable contribution requirements. Convey contribution reporting requirements and monitor alignment with such requirements.
  • Member Marketing and Outreach
    • Work with Labor, Organizing, Professional Services and Government Relations to support targeted member outreach, including
      • Welcoming new ONA members
      • Dissemination of information and access to benefits offered to members through ANA, AFT, ONA vendor partners including California Casualty and Nurses Services Organization (NSO)
      • Targeted engagement of members surrounding current issues and initiatives
      • Contacting members to encourage participation in ONA and NPO events
    • Initiate calls to recent past members to discuss rejoining ONA; reasons for dropped membership and potential for organizing at new facilities
    • Contact members that have requested changing to agency/fair share payer status to provide additional information and encourage continuation of membership. Share such discussions with associated Labor Reps
    • Recommend and participate in new outreach approaches to promote member engagement.

Job Expectations & Qualifications

  • Communication
    • Convey information both verbally and in-writing in a concise, accurate, and responsive manner
    • Be able adjust mode of communication as appropriate for target audience.
    • Keep supervisor and team members informed of current and emerging issues as they arise
    • Provide information relevant to ongoing projects to team members
  • Data Fluency
    • Understand data relationships and be able to assess its accuracy and implications
    • Interpret and translate raw data to ONA staff in a manner that is easy to understand and act upon
  • Technology and Computational Skills
    • Develop and maintain advanced knowledge and understanding of the ONA database system
    • Ability to utilize Excel, Word and Adobe software
    • Ability to calculate basic ratios and percentages
    • Ability to use necessary technical equipment including computer, copier and phone system
  • Accuracy and Quality of Work
    • Perform data entry functions accurately and efficiently
    • Communicate information to members accurately
  • Problem Solving & Initiative
    • Recognize questions and issues as they arise and investigate source and reasons
    • Assess problems or missing information and work with other staff, members and facility contacts to resolve issue
    • Implement process changes as necessary to address data or information problem
    • Investigate and research issues and questions as they arise
  • Engagement with Stakeholders
    • Cultivate and maintain relationships with current and prospective members.
    • Collaborate with other staff and team members

Travel Requirements
No travel is required.

To Apply: Submit a cover letter and résumé titled with your full name to careers@oregonrn.org

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