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Team Manager

Based in Portland, OR


Position Title: Team Manager
Department: Labor
Supervisor’s Title: Executive Director
Exempt Status: Exempt

Overview—The Team Manager is an exempt position and not part of the Union of United Staff (UOUS) bargaining unit. The team manager will report to the Executive Director.

Job Summary —manage, lead, develop, evaluate, mentor, and oversee a team and work to ensure behavioral expectations, best practices and policies are being followed by team members and member leaders. In consultation with the Executive Director, hire, evaluate, discipline and terminate members of the team manager’s team in compliance with the terms of the collective bargaining agreement between the UOUS (IBT Local 223) and the Oregon Nurses Association. Ensure team members and member leaders are implementing program in their bargaining units to engage and grow the leadership and membership and meet other strategic goals. Develop plans with team members and member leaders to meet those strategic goals. Take the lead on ensuring those plans are implemented. Form and maintain connections with member leaders and emerging leaders to foster continuity with and connection to ONA.

Compensation and Benefits: Salary for this full time, position is based on applicable years of experience applied to the wage scale outlined in the collective bargaining agreement. Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) offers a comprehensive benefits package for this position.

Location: Portland, Oregon

About Oregon Nurses Association:
ONA, founded in 1904, is a labor union that also serves as a professional association for registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

ONA currently represents over 14,000 nurses throughout the State. The contracts ONA nurses obtain raise the bar for wages, benefits, and other conditions of employment for all nurses. More importantly, the contracts give nurses a voice in the workplace to address patient care and safety. Our over a century worth of experience as a professional association with our fifty years of experience as a union make ONA uniquely capable of addressing all nursing issues and concerns.

Primary Duties—

  • Best Practices and Policies—
    • Support the decisions made in the Lead Meetings.
    • Reinforce and promote behavioral expectations, best practices and policies by modeling, sharing, and guiding.
    • Debrief with team members and member leaders during and after campaigns using the behavioral expectations, best practices and policies as a measure.
    • Capture process improvements and provide recommendations and plans on how to improve.
    • Identify and develop plans to build power for ONA members and influence within the profession, such as, master agreements for bargaining units within an employer-based system, strategic alliances with community organizations and/or other unions, organizing opportunities, or regional density that could lead to increased leverage.
    • Identify the need for new behavioral expectations, best practices and policies and suggest what those could be.
  • Developing and Supporting Team—
    • Hire, assess, orient and mentor new employees in consultation with the Director of Labor.
    • Engage in one-on-one sharing/mentoring/guiding with team members. Do the same with other staff when appropriate.
    • Debrief with team members during one-on-ones, Ad-Hoc, and Team Meetings.
    • Problem solve, ensuring thoughtful and deliberate tactics, resources, and strategies are employed.
    • Help team members develop and implement campaign plans or SMART Goals.
    • Facilitate the development of group agreements and work to get team to hold each other accountable to those agreements.
    • Identify and provide trainings that would benefit team members and opportunities for team members to get additional relevant experience.
    • Track team members’ progress implementing SMART Goals, adherence to best practices and policies, and development as an individual labor representative and as a whole team.
    • Develop plans with team members to meet SMART Goals, best practices and policies, or ways to be a better labor representative.
    • Initiate evaluation of team members, compile results, and provide team members written evaluations after input from the Director of Labor.
    • Bring in other expertise/viewpoints into team meetings to help team members develop SMART Goals or campaign plans.
    • Foster a learning environment where team members feel free to share their challenges and opportunities and can receive and learn from constructive feedback.
    • Identify and remove barriers that may inhibit all or some team members from fully participating or meeting their optimal potential.
    • Develop workplans for team members when not meeting behavioral or other expectations. Follow progressive discipline when necessary.
  • Oversight of Strategic Initiatives—
    • Take lead on developing campaign plans for major campaign, such as, major membership drives, aligning contract dates, working to get master agreements, connecting with community partners, and/or strategically important contract campaigns.
    • Create accountabilities in plan and track progress on those accountabilities throughout campaign.
    • Adjust campaigns in consultation with member leaders, team members, leads, and the Director of Labor.
    • Manage the day-to-day implementation of strategic initiatives.
  • Lead Meetings—
    • Share progress on SMART Goals and campaign plans of team members in Lead Meetings. Take feedback of Director of Labor and Leads back to team members so they can adjust SMART Goals or campaign plans.
    • Ensure campaign metrics are being collected by team members and then share metrics during Lead and Team Meetings.
    • Raise concerns of team about campaigns in Lead Meetings for discussion and possible adjustment.
    • Provide Leads and Executive Director feedback on and reactions to their SMART Goals.
  • Interaction with Member Leaders—
    • Connect with Cabinet on EGW members that have oversight over the facilities within the manager’s team. Get them involved with the work within their turf.
    • Develop close relationships with bargaining-unit member leaders and assess current and emerging leaders.
    • Ensure team members or designees are providing members with relevant and regular trainings and provide these trainings regularly to connect with membership.
    • Work to increase members connection to and ownership of ONA.
    • Be usual contact for member concerns about ONA or ONA staff.
    • Troubleshoot issues with members and team members, sometimes acting as a facilitator, and sometimes reinforcing behavioral expectations, best practices, and policies. Escalate issues to the Director of Labor and Director of Governance when member and/or staff behavior escalates to the point where the ability to move strategic initiatives (program) is severely compromised.
  • Interaction with Director of Labor—
    • Keep Director of Labor aware of issues arising in turf or other deviations of behavioral expectations, best practices, and policies at Lead Meetings or directly.
    • Share with team members directives that come from Director of Labor or ONA.
    • Share concerns that are ongoing about a team member or member leader.
    • Suggest resources that may be needed to implement a campaign plan or SMART Goal.

Secondary Duties—

  • Backfill for team members that are absent or otherwise unavailable.
  • Continually assess capacity within your team that could be used to help on another campaign or in case of a crisis. With team, reassess and rebalance workload and assignments when necessary and share with the Director of Labor.
  • Negotiate key contracts or take point on key campaigns.
  • Plan and facilitate up to three labor-staff meetings per year.
  • Approve vacation and expense reports.
  • Approve education and training requests from team member.
  • Help put together agenda for Lead Meetings, sometimes lead discussion at Lead Meetings, and plan and present on portions of the meeting.
  • Take on process improvement projects, such as, revamping steward program, redoing negotiation training, or supporting a Cabinet on EGW resolution.
  • Attend Cabinet on EGW meetings when requested to give and receive feedback and to give presentations.
  • Develop and have oversight over budget allocated to team manager’s team for various campaigns or grants.
  • Identify and attend trainings that would benefit the team manager and opportunities for the team manager to get additional relevant experience.
  • Make sure other departments are included early on in campaign planning. Work to ensure other departments are informed about what is occurring within your teams.
  • Identify and share campaigns that are coming up, such as a big contract campaign, and the potential need for additional resources. Work on getting an eighteen month to twenty-four month look ahead.
  • Promote successes and share challenges.

Estimated Time commitment—

  • Lead Meetings—meet with the Director of Labor and leads for three hours twice a month, ideally face-to-face.
  • Team Meetings—meet with whole team at least twice a month, ideally face-to-face.
  • One-on-one meetings/communication—meet one-on-one with each member of team to do a deeper dive on SMART Goals or campaign plans, clarify best practices and expectations, explore team members’ other interests, and identify learning or training opportunities. These one-on-one meetings should occur at least three times a month and more during a critical juncture in a campaign.
  • Ad-Hoc Meetings/Communications—be available to meet/communicate with their team members on a one-on-one basis and by text/e-mail to provide just-in-time feedback on a crisis, discuss more granular topics, such as, organizing around a grievance, that could take up too much time in team or one-on-one meetings, and provide encouragement/mentoring.
  • Relationship with Member Leaders—regularly interact with the member leaders at each team members’ facilities, prioritizing those facilities in a campaign or otherwise needing additional support, so those member leaders recognize the Team manager as an available resource. Physically visit all the facilities within their turf, regularly interacting with the membership and leadership.

To Apply
Email: careers@oregonrn.org

In accordance with the ADA, employee must perform the essential duties and responsibilities efficiently and accurately, with or without reasonable accommodation. The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees assigned to this classification. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and/or skills required of all personnel so classified.

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