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Metro Industrial Areas Foundation Organizer Job Openings in New York

The leaders of East Brooklyn Congregations and the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) build independent citizen-run organizations whose primary purpose is building power that lasts. We focus on productive improvements like building homes, reducing crime, improving schools, creating wealth and regenerating communities.

Metro IAF (www.metro-iaf-ny.org or @metroiafny) has seven affiliates in the New York metropolitan area: East Brooklyn Congregations; Manhattan Together; South Bronx Churches; Queens Power; Long Island Congregations, Associations and Neighborhoods; Westchester United; and New Jersey Together.

We are based in more than 120 institutional members: churches, synagogues, mosques, senior centers, schools, and voluntary associations. We have significant political power and a history of accomplishments:

  • Building or rehabilitating more than 6,400 units of Nehemiah housing, which created $2 billion in wealth for first-time black and Latino homeowners and regenerated whole neighborhoods
  • Partnering with the NYC Department of Education to start four small quality public high schools and two charter schools, and create $400 million in school construction
  • Spearheading two environmental clean-ups in Jersey City totaling $1 billion dollars
  • Winning a $70 million rehabilitation of neighborhood parks
  • Leading countless successful actions to improve bus, postal, senior and police services, and the conditions of our parks and grocery stores
  • Engaging thousands of local leaders each year in the democratic process

We are looking for 2 additional organizers who would have the ability and energy to build teams of leaders in member institutions; identify local leaders and issues for action; and undertake those actions that address community concerns. We will not start with an agenda or set of demands. That will emerge in conversations and relationships that the organizer develops.

Compensation & Supervision: Metro IAF believes organizing should be a vocation, not a job. Organizer salaries are competitive and include health/dental care and paid vacation. In the early try-out phase of 3 months, for people with little or no previous experience, a salary of $4,400 per month is normal. Yearly salary increases begin at the end of the first year. For people with experience, the starting salary is higher and the ability to advance can be more rapid. Contributions towards a retirement plan are available after one year of employment. We believe strongly in training and mentoring. Each organizer is mentored by an experienced Metro IAF Lead Organizer and receives on-going training from Metro IAF National staff.

Qualifications: We’re looking for people who want their work to have meaning; can channel their anger and passion into action; and have the drive, stamina, and imagination to figure out how to accomplish a goal. A track record of leading or organizing people into action is required. Spanish fluency is very important. See http://metro-iaf-ny.org/content/become-organizer for a further description of the qualities that EBC and Metro IAF looks for in organizers for a 90-day professional tryout.

Openings: There are currently 2 openings for entry-level or experienced organizers and leads in New York at East Brooklyn Congregations. Initial training and experience will begin with EBC but future opportunities exist for full-time organizing at Metro IAF affiliates throughout New York, and beyond.

Applying: Send cover letter, résumé to: grantlindsay@ebc-iaf.org. We are looking for the right talent and fit in our organization. As such, our interview process is thorough and involves initial contact followed by a phone interview, in-person interview, time in the field together, and, finally, you meeting with members of our strategy team on your own. To learn more about how we think about organizing and our work, read Going Public by Michael Gecan.

All Metro IAF affiliates are proud Equal Opportunity Employers.
Women, people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ are encouraged to apply.

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.