New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice

New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice

Lead Organizer
Stand With Dignity

Based in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice (NOWCRJ) seeks an experienced Lead Organizer/New Orleans to build and lead implementation of strategic organizing campaigns while building alliances, expanding membership and creating member leadership development programs. The Lead Organizer must commit to reside in New Orleans. The Lead Organizer will supervise a team of two organizers and will work collaboratively with a broader team of organizers across several units within NOWCRJ, engaging consistently in consultation with the legal department of the NOWCRJ to develop strategic interventions in policy, and in community and workplace campaigns. The Lead Organizer is responsible for high performance and high production values of the assigned unit staff and membership. The Lead Organizer will be supervised by the Organizing Director of NOWCRJ, to whom reports on unit activities will be submitted regularly and upon request.

The New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice (NOWCRJ) is dedicated to building the power and participation of poor people in order to expand democracy and transform the economy of Louisiana. We organize directly affected people, and couple their courage with strategic legal, policy, and communications to build campaigns that advance racial justice, immigrant rights, the rights of poor people, and a fair economy. NOWCRJ anchors three grassroots membership organizations (units) - the Congress of Day Laborers, Stand with Dignity, and the Seafood Workers Alliance – providing support toward the development of innovative law and policy strategies that build grassroots power. This Lead Organizer position is associated with Stand with Dignity.

About Stand with Dignity:
Stand with Dignity is a grassroots membership organization of structurally unemployed and underemployed workers in New Orleans. Known as “Stand”, it is a vehicle for Afro-descended New Orleanians to eliminate the structural racism in employment, criminalization and housing. Stand’s grassroots organizing campaigns have won major victories for individuals as well as at the policy level, including a living wage ordinance and a local hiring ordinance to address the jobs crisis facing Black workers residing in New Orleans.

This is not a 9 to 5 job—it requires long and varied hours, including early morning, evening, and weekend work. Applicants must have a valid U.S. driver’s license and a car, and should expect to drive to various sites within and outside of New Orleans.

Campaign Development

  • Under the direction of the Organizing Director, co-develops the overall organizing strategy, with strategic direction from membership bases and inputs from organizers, legal and other departments
  • Supports organizers in building and running sharp campaign plans
  • Finds opportunities for campaigns to connect and build momentum
  • Provides guidance to organizers on campaigns, programs, membership, and more
  • Participates actively in campaign development, strategizing and implementation
  • Assists with research on potential organizing targets
  • Assists in development of tools for field strategy implementation
  • Identifies and reports changing conditions that may necessitate a change in strategy
  • Coordinates organizing with Organizing Director, legal, research and communication staff
  • Secures authorization from the Organizing Director for the use of organized direct action, as necessary and appropriate, to advance campaigns
  • Prepares timely written campaign reports and meeting summaries.

Member Engagement and Development

  • Supports the political development of member leaders
  • Provides trainings and identifies mobilization opportunities in order to activate members and activists
  • Follows up promptly and persistently on leads generated by field efforts including one-on-one meetings, house visits and other methods of grassroots outreach
  • Mobilizes and tracks engagement of members and activists at various events and field opportunities
  • Contributes/implements innovative ideas to improve membership development and collective impact
  • Manages regular membership meetings with a standing agenda, supporting new leaders to facilitate meetings geared towards peer engagement and immediate activation
  • Builds strong relationships and identifies and develops potential leaders
  • Assists growth of member leadership thru reflection, popular education/materials, training
  • Provides strategic, tactical and social support to member leaders, as needed
  • Ensures staff and leader advocacy for campaign and policy goals reflecting priorities of members.

Staff Supervision

  • Responsible for performance and production of the organizing team
  • Supervises the Field Organizers, providing support and accountability
  • Meets with each organizer to develop an initial workplan, set membership and organizing goals
  • Works with Field Organizers to create and meet goals in workplans for themselves
  • Crafts staff development plans for each Field Organizer; this includes hands-on training in the field, in the office and with external partners
  • Effectively supervises and develops Stand with Dignity organizers to ensure attainment of goals
  • Meets regularly with each organizer to update and follow up on workplan implementation
  • Supports the development and execution of the organizers’ work plans to identify problems, address issues and ensure they are able to achieve their goals
  • Supports Stand organizers in running effective weekly membership meetings.
  • Provides leadership development opportunities for Stand organizers to help them grow their skills.
  • Provides weekly coaching and feedback to drive support and accountability for the team
  • Submits and ensures supervisee submission of timesheets, mileage reports, expense reports, activity reports, campaign reports, other administrative reports and testimony, as requested and required
  • Provides ongoing constructive feedback and evaluation to team members
  • Manages Field Organizers’ success in meeting goals and deadlines
  • Implements and enforces a system of practices to address safety of staff engaged in organizing activities
  • Ensures staff observation of appropriate boundaries between staff, members and prospective members
  • Supports execution of organizing strategy.

Allies and Inter-Organization Relations

  • Seeks out opportunities for the organizing work to connect, build power, alliances and solidarity, toward shared vision and politics
  • Participates in building campaign coalitions and key relationships with campaign-related allies
  • In conjunction with partners and allies, conducts meetings and educational workshops with community groups and members to raise the public profile of Stand and NOWCRJ in the community
  • Works to build internal alliances with other NOWCRJ membership units
  • Works with the other two units to run popular education for all NOWCRJ members about each project
  • Coordinates and integrates Stand work the work of the other two NOWCRJ organizing units and with broader movement allies
  • Works with the organizers of the other units to actively cultivate and create opportunities for cross-member collaboration that goes beyond solidarity
  • Works with the other organizers and staff to represent NOWCRJ and Stand in key meetings and actions
  • Develops relationships with key allies to support Stand members in organizing campaigns and programs.

Other Leadership Responsibilities

  • Represents NOWCRJ and Stand for Dignity in public speaking appearances
  • Works with the Organizing Director to drive forward organizational development goals
  • Prepares timely written campaign reports and meeting summaries
  • Fosters a climate of innovation, cohesion, and integration.


  • A minimum of 2 years of experience as an organizer and demonstrated experience as a leader. A Bachelor’s degree is a plus.
  • Ability to conceptualize a process and lead others through it
  • Experience working on concrete community advocacy or policy campaigns, mobilizing people into action
  • Ability to implement a field strategy and action plan and clearly outline roles for team members
  • Good oral communications and presentation skills
  • Good writing skills, to produce work reports and prepare testimony
  • Proven ability to work well in teams and collaborate across organizations
  • Conscious about intersectionality and oppression, and able to connect with other social justice issues
  • Deep dedication to the leadership of directly affected people
  • Deep commitment to and respect for the expertise and ability of poor people to change the world
  • Love and appreciation of interacting with others
  • Strong motivation, and self-motivation
  • Ability to develop and move projects forward with independence and autonomy
  • Ability to take initiative and succeed with minimal supervision
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including the cultural competency to work with diverse constituencies
  • Good facilitation and teaching skills, and ability to help others understand policy and social justice issues
  • Patience, stamina, love of teamwork and a good team player
  • The ability to work well under pressure
  • Resident – preferably a native – of New Orleans
  • English speaker, Spanish fluency a plus.


  • Salary - Commensurate with experience
  • Strong benefits package available.

To Apply
Send résumé and cover letter identifying position by June 17, 2019 to: ccason.cf@gmail.com.

NOWCRJ is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people of color and LGBTQ individuals strongly encouraged to apply.

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.