Field Program Specialist

Central America
most likely based in San Salvador, El Salvador

Job Title: Field Program Specialist
Status: Exempt

Summary of Position: The Field Program Specialist is responsible for day-to-day support and counsel to Country Program Director on programmatic issues. S/he is thoroughly conversant with all aspects of regional program activities and current events relevant to the on-going political, economic, social and trade union developments in the region. In the absence of the Country Program Director s/he is the main contact between the field office and Washington headquarters. S/he has working knowledge of and experience in USG regulations and procedures related to the funding and management of grants.

The Field Program Specialist writes persuasive proposals, describes complex activities and develops budgets for those activities. S/he participates in the development and implementation of trade union development programs. S/he produces well-written program reports and evaluations. S/he monitors programs to meet budget targets and programmatic results. In the absence of the Country Program Director, s/he prepares and exchanges information and coordinates activities with the corresponding regional office, as required. S/he provides advice and guidance to the Country Program Director for the development and implementation of programs, the drafting and submission of concept papers and project proposals to donor organizations, and the effective management of field office and programs. S/he draws on his/her experience to initiate program proposals.

The Field Program Specialist assists and advises the Country Program Director on details of programs in assigned country(ies) of responsibility. In coordination with the Country Program Director, s/he works closely with affiliates in the region to coordinate their participation in the development and implementation of Solidarity Center programs, within approved communications guidelines. S/he assists with and, when necessary, provides logistical support for international visitors and participants in country-based programs conducted by the Solidarity Center, AFL-CIO, affiliates, Global Union Federations (GUFs) and/or other related organizations. S/he represents the Center at various meetings and conferences. S/he has the experience and presence necessary to represent accurately and effectively in public fora and in private meetings with donor organizations, partner organizations, and national and international public and private organizations, the policies and programs of the Center. S/he is able to fill in for Country Program Director on a temporary or indefinite basis.

Full Job Description

Basic Qualifications: A Field Program Specialist must have the ability to work independently and without supervision and must have extensive knowledge of international relations and local trade union and socio-economic and political developments. Previous trade union experience, and/or experience in the Center as a Program Officer is required. S/he must be able to work independently and complete assignments with limited supervision. S/he must be capable of managing multiple assignments simultaneously. S/he must have, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree in political science, international relations, labor relations or related fields and/or ten years equivalent work experience. Good communications and writing skills in English and local language are a must. Computer literacy for word processing and simple spreadsheets is required. S/he must have the ability to work and interact easily with a wide variety of people. Persons considered for this position must agree to accept in-country temporary or indefinite assignments as Country Program Director, based on the needs of the Center. Fluency in written and spoken English and Spanish languages is required.

Supervisor: Country Program Director or Regional Program Director in the absence of CPD

Specific Duties:

  • Provide SC/Washington with programmatic financial and administrative information and reports;
  • Write/edit proposals, reports, letters, and other correspondence;
  • Conduct issue research for use by Center headquarters and other field offices;
  • Assist SC/W to arrange in-country study tours for U.S. visitors, and set-up meetings with local trade unions, government and non-government organizations involved in efforts to promote labor rights standards and democracy;
  • Coordinate activities with other Solidarity Center program departments as required;
  • Develop in-country coalition-building contacts with local and U.S. labor, government and non-governmental organizations in the region; Assist and advise Country Program Director on program development and proposal writing;
  • In the absence of the Country Program Director, develop and implement regional and sub-regional programs and programs in countries;
  • Keep up-to-date via Washington headquarters on USAID, NED, and U.S. government rules and regulations that affect program management;
  • Recommend outside program consultants and other technical staff in accordance with field office needs;
  • Provide technical assistance and support to conduct program evaluations of field projects and recruiting evaluators;
  • Support field trips by Center personnel;
  • In the absence of the Country Program Director, share information on country conditions and labor issues as requested by Washington;
  • Monitor programs to meet budget targets;
  • Represent the Solidarity Center as directed;
  • Furnish financial and administrative information as required by Washington headquarters;
  • At the direction of the Country Program Director, initiate concept papers and program proposals and seek funding for same; and
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.
  • In the absence of the Country Program Director, the Field Program Specialist, under the direction of the Regional Program Director, oversees the entire operation of the office, and performs additional duties as required.

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